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Facility Operations & Maintenance Manager
Title:Facility Operations & Maintenance Manager
Location:Manteo, NC
Security Clearance:Not Required

Job Title: Facility Operations & Maintenance Manager

Location: Manteo, NC

Experience in working with computerized closed loop hydronic HVAC systems, federally-owned LEED certified buildings, maintenance of computerized alarm systems and computerized emergency generator systems, solar power generation systems, building elevator systems, as well as, management of the associated maintenance contracts for these systems

Job Responsibilities:


    • Coordinate, observe, and document all O&M work performed by contractors and station personnel. The Maintenance Service Contracts are as follows:


      • HVAC System

      • HVAC: Chemical Water Treatment

      • Elevator

      • Fire Alarm System

      • Fire Alarm Monitoring

      • Electrical System- Emergency Generator


    • Prepare scope of work for any additional operations and maintenance contract(s) for facility interior and exterior including but not limited to mechanical & electrical systems.

    • Implement any additional operations and maintenance contract(s) for various building systems, if needed.

    • Prepare independent estimate for any additional operations and maintenance contract(s).

    • Monitor Completed Facility Operations and Maintenance Plan for the facility, both interior and exterior; and coordinate needed maintenance by current station personnel or contract.


      • Provide Inspections in accordance w/ Facility O & M Plan; Section 10.

      • Complete Records and Reporting in accordance w/ Facility O & M Plan; Section 11.

      • Monitor Service Maintenance Contracts as described above.

      • Continue to Monitor Performance Monitoring and Assessment of Facility; Section 16.


    • Coordinate, document, and observe past work performed by various contractors throughout the extended warranty period to ensure all work is in compliance with contract documents including plans and specifications.

    • Provide Engineering Design support for future Project Submissions, including design drawings (both preliminary & working), estimates, phasing schedules, and specifications as required.



    • Monitor On-going Training Program for staff personnel on the operations of various building systems.

    • Continue Quality Assurance on all work performed, and is in compliance with applicable codes and standards.


    • Continue to serve as the Construction On-Site Representative with responsibility to insure the adequacy and completeness of on-going construction projects, as needed.


  • Observe work and work methods to insure the project is built in accordance with the plans and specifications through use of acceptable work practices.

  • Inspect on-going work in progress and upon completion to insure an acceptable level of workmanship and compliance with plans and specifications; and reports to the Regional Engineering Division.Interpret plans and specifications relating to difficult and complex construction.

  • Inspect and test construction materials and equipment for compliance with the plans and specifications. Recommends changes to accommodate conditions at construction site or to expedite construction.

  • Prepare monthly construction progress reports for submission, as needed to the Regional Engineering Division.

  • Check for compliance with the various building and safety codes and other rules and regulations governing construction contracts.


Technical/ Administrative Duties:


The Administrative Duties required shall include all Computer Skills, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Pro, AutoCAD, Microsoft Project, and RS Means Estimating Software.


Physical Demands:


The work involves walking, bending, climbing, standing, crouching, and a moderate amount of physical exertion may be required to lift items weighing up to 50 pounds.


Education/ Experience:


Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or 8-10 Years’ Experience in related field or studies also must be knowledgeable of with OSHA Standard 29 CFR, 10CFR851, including all Environmental, Safety, and Health, and Fall Protection Guidelines



This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications