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Facility & Operations Manager
Title:Facility & Operations Manager
Location:Manteo, NC
Security Clearance:Not Required
    • Coordinate, observe, and document all O&M work performed by contractors and station personnel. The Maintenance Service Contracts are as follows:


      • HVAC System
      • HVAC: Chemical Water Treatment
      • Elevator
      • Fire Alarm System
      • Fire Alarm Monitoring
      • Electrical System- Emergency Generator


    • Prepare scope of work for any additional operations and maintenance contract(s) for facility interior and exterior including but not limited to mechanical & electrical systems.
    • Implement any additional operations and maintenance contract(s) for various building systems, if needed.
    • Prepare independent estimate for any additional operations and maintenance contract(s).
    • Monitor Completed Facility Operations and Maintenance Plan for the facility, both interior and exterior; and coordinate needed maintenance by current station personnel or contract.


      • Provide Inspections in accordance w/ Facility O & M Plan; Section 10.
      • Complete Records and Reporting in accordance w/ Facility O & M Plan; Section 11.
      • Monitor Service Maintenance Contracts as described above.
      • Continue to Monitor Performance Monitoring and Assessment of Facility; Section 16.


    • Coordinate, document, and observe past work performed by various contractors throughout the extended warranty period to ensure all work is in compliance with contract documents including plans and specifications.
    • Provide Engineering Design support for future Project Submissions, including design drawings (both preliminary & working), estimates, phasing schedules, and specifications as required.


    • Monitor On-going Training Program for staff personnel on the operations of various building systems.
    • Continue Quality Assurance on all work performed, and is in compliance with applicable codes and standards.


    • Continue to serve as the Construction On-Site Representative with responsibility to insure the adequacy and completeness of on-going construction projects, as needed.


  • Observe work and work methods to insure the project is built in accordance with the plans and specifications through use of acceptable work practices.
  • Inspect on-going work in progress and upon completion to insure an acceptable level of workmanship and compliance with plans and specifications; and reports to the Regional Engineering Division.Interpret plans and specifications relating to difficult and complex construction.
  • Inspect and test construction materials and equipment for compliance with the plans and specifications. Recommends changes to accommodate conditions at construction site or to expedite construction.
  • Prepare monthly construction progress reports for submission, as needed to the Regional Engineering Division.
  • Check for compliance with the various building and safety codes and other rules and regulations governing construction contracts.

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